If you are a big fan of music, apart from collecting memorabilia and vintage musical devices, you should have gone to music museums. A music museum is a special place that can be dedicated to an artist, band, or simply showcases the beautiful history of music. The things you can find in a music museum include the instruments used by your favorite bands, iconic costumes, album records, and a whole lot more. Now, let us take a trip to the best music museums in the world.

The Johnny Cash Museum

Nashville, USA

The Johnny Cash Museum opened in May 2013. It celebrates the greatness of the American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash who is considered one of the most influential popular musicians in the 20th century. The museum features the outfits of Johnny Cash, his instruments, records, footages of his live performances, and artifacts related to Cash.

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Bob Marley Museum

Kingston, Jamaica

Obviously, this museum is devoted to the most popular Reggae icon Bob Marley. The museum is situated at Marley’s place of residence before. Apart from Bob Marley’s memorabilia, it also features the record label founded by The Wailers in 1965.

The Beatles Story

Liverpool, England

The Beatles Story Museum is an award-winning attraction which remains the world’s largest exhibition devoted to the band The Beatles. It is situated in Liverpool where the band started. The Beatles is still considered the most influential act of the rock era.  The museum reflects the lives, culture, and music of the Beatles. The museum opened and 1990 and over 300,000 visitors attend every year.

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Museum of Pop Culture

Seattle, USA

Formerly known as the EMP Museum, the Museum of Pop Culture remained one of the largest music museums in the world. It was founded by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. The museum organized dozens of exhibits attended by critics, musicians, music buffs, academics, and artists all over the world.

ABBA The Museum

Stockholm, Sweden

ABBA is one of the most popular pop groups based in Sweden. In 2013, a museum has been opened to showcase the legacy of ABBA. The ABBA Museum features Benny’ Piano, Waterloo, The Polar Studio, The Folkpark, audio guides, album records, footages of ABBA’s live performances., and stage costumes personally donated by the ABBA members.

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Beethoven Haus

Bonn, Germany

The Beethoven Haus is a memorial site and a museum dedicated to Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most influential composers in the world. It is situated in Bonn, Germany where Beethoven was born and raised. It showcases the studies about the life and work of Beethoven. The Beethoven Haus remains to be the largest Beethoven collection in the world.


Memphis, Tennessee

If you are a big Elvis Presley fan, then include Graceland in your bucket list. It is a 13.8-acre mansion that is located at Elvis Presley Boulevard. It opened in 1982 and remains one of the most visited-house in America with over 650,000 visitors every year.

Have you been to one of these music museums?

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