Most avid fans and enthusiasts of music surely have headphones. They are very important in listening to every detail of songs, vocals, and instrumentals. Headphones also play a vital part in the studio recording. If you are planning to buy your own personal headphone, consider these top 10 best brands that provide superior sound quality:


The undisputed brand of headphone is the Shire. They specialize in creating over-the-ear headsets that block unnecessary noises for the best music listening experience. The price may be a bit expensive but the quality is really superior. For beginners, try the Shure SRH440.


Bose is the “boss” in providing sound quality like you are watching a live concert. According to audiophiles, Bose provides a booming sound that cannot be matched by any headphones. The Bose best-sellers are SoundTrue II and QuietComfort 35.

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Sennheiser headphones are known for its great balance between bass and treble. They also offer the most stylish headsets and headphones. Even their moderately-priced headsets still provide the best sound quality. For casual listeners, try the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro.


For many decades, Sony has proven to be one of the best not just in terms of appliances, but also with their headphones. They create very sturdy and stylish headphones. Their best-seller is the Sony MDRX450AP Headset.

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AKG is a Germany-based company that has been innovating headsets for more than five decades. They specialize in creating stylish and durable headsets that provide superior sound quality regardless of the price. Their entry-level headphone AKG Pro Audio K92 is perfect for beginners.


German creators are best known for their innovative design and durable products, and these manifest in BeyerDynamic headphones. The company specializes in providing sturdy headsets with maximum sound lucidity. Their best-sellers include BeyerDynamic DT 770 Pro and T90 from BeyerDynamic.

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One of the most popular and trending headsets is the Beats. They are a newcomer to the world of headphones but they managed to keep up with the best names. Their headsets are known for their distinct visual appeal. Try their Beats Solo 3 wireless headphone and Beats Mixr Headphone.


Grado specializes in creating headphones that deliver no distortion even at the lowest frequencies. Although they only released a few choices, their headphones are really of superior quality. Their most popular headphones include Grado SR60e headphone and Grado headphone in the GS1000e.


This Japanese company remains to be the frontrunner in providing quality headphones. Audio-Technica allows customers to customize their own headsets. Their headphones also deliver advanced sound clarity and built quality. Check out their Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM SonicPro.


Philips is definitely one of the most reputable brands in the industry. They offer a wide selection of quality headphones at very reasonable rates. Their most affordable headphone is the Philips SHL3000BK. Their premium headset Philips X2/27 Fidelio headset also delivers.

If you are looking for the best headphones for studio recording, check out this list.


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