The guitar is one of the best instruments to play with. It is very easy to learn, and surprisingly, it can do a lot – wide range of chords, acoustic or electric, bluegrass or heavy metals, and so much more. There are millions of guitar players in the world. In the United States, roughly 15% knows how to play guitar. For every guitar player out there, here are the 11 must-have guitar essentials and accessories:

Guitar Strings

Guitar strings vary from guitar to guitar. Most commonly, acoustic guitar strings are made up of nylon while electric guitar strings are made of steel or metal. Ideally, strings should be replaced in one month.

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String Cutter

Strings can be very long which can wrap around your tuning pegs. After changing your strings, use the string cutter to cut the excess portion of the strings. Apart from the cutter, there is also the string winder used to avoid tangling of strings.


Tuners are used to determine if the guitar produces a sound that is out-of-tune. Apart from analog and digital tuners, there are dozens of apps available on smartphones that can provide accurate tuning for guitars.

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The capo is placed on the fret of the guitar to achieve few chords that cannot be handled by our fingers. In playing A, F#m, D, and E, you need a capo.


Basically, guitar picks are used in picking or strumming the strings to produce sound. Make sure that you also have a pick holder for all your guitar picks.


Guitar humidifiers are much more applicable to acoustic guitars which are made of wood. Humidifiers maintain moisture inside the guitar to avoid some portions to crack up, especially in dry conditions.

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Cables are important if you need to connect your guitar to amplifiers or sound monitors. Cables are needed for electric guitars. Choose cables with configurations that suit you best. Also, the longer the cables, the better.


There are hundreds of guitar pedals. They are used to add effects or to improve the quality of the sound of your guitar. Most popular guitar pedals are boost pedal, distortion pedal, and delay pedal.

Guitar Stand

If a microphone needs a stand, and so is your guitar. Guitar stands are used to hold or support guitars whenever they are not used. They can prevent guitars from falling or getting damaged.

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Guitar Strap

Guitar straps make it easy for you. These straps hold the guitar so that when you are standing, it will be easier for you to play the guitar. Choose the guitar strap that is more heavy duty and is high quality.

Guitar Bag

Lastly, your guitar needs to be protected from dust and dirt that may damage your guitar. The bag also encloses your guitar to protect it from getting damaged when it falls or if it hits certain edges.

Trust us, invest in these guitar accessories so you will have a better guitar experience!


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