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The Ultimate Sound Bank is your leading source of news and updates about the world of music. We also provide comprehensive music lessons and tutorials to help you improve your music skills. Our mission is to guide people in discovering their potentials.

If you want to know more about artists, bands, albums, songs, instruments, and everything about music, check out these reliable sites:


Billboard is your reliable source about the latest news and updates in the world of music. Billboard provides the most accurate charts about the today’s top hits. It also ranks music according to genre – jazz, classic, rock, hip hop and most especially, pop.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is our ultimate source of reliable news and updates about music. They rank the greatest artists of all time, the best-selling albums of all time, the best pop stars of the 21st century and so much more. Apart from music, they also discuss about entertainment, politics, and movies, among others.


MTV stands for “Music Television”. Therefore, it is one of the leading sources of the latest in music. They provide information and updates about your favorite artists and albums. They also inform you about the latest album releases, schedules of tours, concerts, and music festivals all around the world.


This website provides tips on all kinds of music instruments. They also offer musicians’ guide to improving their skills. Learn more about music production, audio software, music equipment and more through GuitarFella.