“Why do you listen to music?”

“It is therapeutic.”

This is the famous exchange when people are asked about the reason why they listen to music. But behind this cliché reply, science says that listening to music really provides innumerable health benefits – mental, physical, and all other aspects. Some fields of medical care utilize music as part of their therapies and treatment programs. Let us know the health benefits that we can get from listening to music:

Improves Brain Function

Listening to music can sharpen your mind. According to a research in the U.S., playing musical instruments can enhance the verbal ability and the non-verbal reasoning of children. Further, a non-profit organization suggests that patients with Alzheimer’s disease can remember some memories if they listen to music.

zz2 - 5 Healthy Reasons Why We Should Listen to Music

Reduces Stress

Music is also proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Based on a study, listening to music can decrease the levels of cortisol, the hormone that is related to stress. In another study conducted in New York, patients who listen to music before their surgery have decreased blood pressure than those who are surrounded by silence. Thus, music made them calm.

Makes You Happier

In a study conducted at McGill University, neuroscientist ValorieSalimpoor observed increased dopamine levels in people who listen to their favorite music. Dopamine is a “feel-good” neurotransmitter that is associated with the feelings of happiness and pleasure. Thus, listening to music can really make a person happy.

Promotes Sound Sleep

According to a 2008 study, music can improve sleep quality. Students who listen to calm music 45 minutes before they sleep experienced more sound sleep that before. Another research also found out that listening to music can help people with insomnia. In fact, most therapists advise their patients with insomnia to listen to music to improve sleep.

zz1 - 5 Healthy Reasons Why We Should Listen to Music

Strengthens the Heart

A study from Wisconsin found out that music can maintain a healthy heart rate. They observed 45 patients who suffered heart attacks within 3 days. They played classical music and observed that the patients drop their heart rates and breathing rates. Another study suggests that music can effectively lower blood pressure and reduce hormones that may trigger heart palpitations.

These are just a few of the many health benefits that people can get from listening to music. So to all music-lovers out there, expect a healthy mind and body.

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