Guitars are one of the easiest instruments to learn. Guitars are also very explorative. It can play various chords and is perfect for every musical genre. If you are struggling with learning how to play guitar, then follow these 8 simple ways to improve your guitar skills:

Take Lessons

Guitar lessons can be found anywhere – online or just near you. There are guitar players who spend time teaching others how to play guitar. Guitar tutorial is much more personal and engaging. Your instructor can provide you customized lessons that will target the areas that you need to improve. It will also be much easier to learn a guitar with a coach.

Watch Tutorial Videos

If you can’t afford a guitar tutor, then you can learn guitar skills by just watching tutorial videos. These videos are available on YouTube. There are hundreds of YouTube Channels that specialize in teaching how to play guitar. You can also get some inspirations from famous acoustic players in the net.

Learn New Chords

Do not limit yourself in just a few chords. It is important that you expand your chord vocabulary. Every day, explore other chords that you never learned before. Make sure that you master them and apply them in playing musical pieces. The more chords you know, the more you are able in playing various songs.

guitars - 8 Ways to Improve Your Guitar Skills

Master Chord Changes

After learning new chords, make sure that you master chord changes. Most beginners really find it hard to change the positions of their fingers from one chord to another. The key to this is to memorize the placement of your fingers in every chord so that it will be natural for you to change chords.

Play New Songs

Explore every day. Test your proficiency and mastery with chords by playing a whole song. It will enable you to naturally change from one chord to another and create a complete music. Some songs have very minimal chords to play. So, challenge yourself by playing songs that are complex to play.

Practice Everyday

Practice makes perfect. Mastery requires consistency and discipline. You need to play guitar every day and practice the chords, the songs. You can also practice with your peers who also play guitar. Moreover, you can ask someone to judge the way you play the guitar so you can be aware of the areas you should improve.

Record Yourself

Make a cover of a song and record yourself. If you can sing, sing along with the guitar. After playing, review the recording and criticize how you play the guitar. There may be off-tunes, delays in chord changes, and other things. You can also let others see your recording so you can get their feedback.

Perform Live

Lastly, showcase your talents and skills by joining live performances. There are dozens of opportunities that showcase your guitar skills. You can join school bands and orchestras, perform in live gigs, or just have some fun with your music-loving peers.

After mastering your guitar skills, take new challenges like composing your own music and recording them in the studio.

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