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Top 10 Best Brands of Headphones

Most avid fans and enthusiasts of music surely have headphones. They are very important in listening to every detail of songs, vocals, and instrumentals. Headphones also play a vital part in the studio recording. If you are planning to buy your own personal headphone, consider these top 10 best brands that provide superior sound quality:


The undisputed brand of headphone is the Shire. They specialize in creating over-the-ear headsets that block unnecessary noises for the best music listening experience. The price may be a bit expensive but the quality is really superior. For beginners, try the Shure SRH440.


Bose is the “boss” in providing sound quality like you are watching a live concert. According to audiophiles, Bose provides a booming sound that cannot be matched by any headphones. The Bose best-sellers are SoundTrue II and QuietComfort 35.

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Sennheiser headphones are known for its great balance between bass and treble. They also offer the most stylish headsets and headphones. Even their moderately-priced headsets still provide the best sound quality. For casual listeners, try the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro.


For many decades, Sony has proven to be one of the best not just in terms of appliances, but also with their headphones. They create very sturdy and stylish headphones. Their best-seller is the Sony MDRX450AP Headset.

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AKG is a Germany-based company that has been innovating headsets for more than five decades. They specialize in creating stylish and durable headsets that provide superior sound quality regardless of the price. Their entry-level headphone AKG Pro Audio K92 is perfect for beginners.


German creators are best known for their innovative design and durable products, and these manifest in BeyerDynamic headphones. The company specializes in providing sturdy headsets with maximum sound lucidity. Their best-sellers include BeyerDynamic DT 770 Pro and T90 from BeyerDynamic.

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One of the most popular and trending headsets is the Beats. They are a newcomer to the world of headphones but they managed to keep up with the best names. Their headsets are known for their distinct visual appeal. Try their Beats Solo 3 wireless headphone and Beats Mixr Headphone.


Grado specializes in creating headphones that deliver no distortion even at the lowest frequencies. Although they only released a few choices, their headphones are really of superior quality. Their most popular headphones include Grado SR60e headphone and Grado headphone in the GS1000e.


This Japanese company remains to be the frontrunner in providing quality headphones. Audio-Technica allows customers to customize their own headsets. Their headphones also deliver advanced sound clarity and built quality. Check out their Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM SonicPro.


Philips is definitely one of the most reputable brands in the industry. They offer a wide selection of quality headphones at very reasonable rates. Their most affordable headphone is the Philips SHL3000BK. Their premium headset Philips X2/27 Fidelio headset also delivers.

If you are looking for the best headphones for studio recording, check out this list.


Blog3 570x380 - 11 Essential Guitar Accessories That You Must Have

11 Essential Guitar Accessories That You Must Have

The guitar is one of the best instruments to play with. It is very easy to learn, and surprisingly, it can do a lot – wide range of chords, acoustic or electric, bluegrass or heavy metals, and so much more. There are millions of guitar players in the world. In the United States, roughly 15% knows how to play guitar. For every guitar player out there, here are the 11 must-have guitar essentials and accessories:

Guitar Strings

Guitar strings vary from guitar to guitar. Most commonly, acoustic guitar strings are made up of nylon while electric guitar strings are made of steel or metal. Ideally, strings should be replaced in one month.

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String Cutter

Strings can be very long which can wrap around your tuning pegs. After changing your strings, use the string cutter to cut the excess portion of the strings. Apart from the cutter, there is also the string winder used to avoid tangling of strings.


Tuners are used to determine if the guitar produces a sound that is out-of-tune. Apart from analog and digital tuners, there are dozens of apps available on smartphones that can provide accurate tuning for guitars.

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The capo is placed on the fret of the guitar to achieve few chords that cannot be handled by our fingers. In playing A, F#m, D, and E, you need a capo.


Basically, guitar picks are used in picking or strumming the strings to produce sound. Make sure that you also have a pick holder for all your guitar picks.


Guitar humidifiers are much more applicable to acoustic guitars which are made of wood. Humidifiers maintain moisture inside the guitar to avoid some portions to crack up, especially in dry conditions.

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Cables are important if you need to connect your guitar to amplifiers or sound monitors. Cables are needed for electric guitars. Choose cables with configurations that suit you best. Also, the longer the cables, the better.


There are hundreds of guitar pedals. They are used to add effects or to improve the quality of the sound of your guitar. Most popular guitar pedals are boost pedal, distortion pedal, and delay pedal.

Guitar Stand

If a microphone needs a stand, and so is your guitar. Guitar stands are used to hold or support guitars whenever they are not used. They can prevent guitars from falling or getting damaged.

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Guitar Strap

Guitar straps make it easy for you. These straps hold the guitar so that when you are standing, it will be easier for you to play the guitar. Choose the guitar strap that is more heavy duty and is high quality.

Guitar Bag

Lastly, your guitar needs to be protected from dust and dirt that may damage your guitar. The bag also encloses your guitar to protect it from getting damaged when it falls or if it hits certain edges.

Trust us, invest in these guitar accessories so you will have a better guitar experience!


Blog2 570x380 - 9 Things to Consider in Buying Studio Microphones

9 Things to Consider in Buying Studio Microphones

Microphones are very important in the music recording process. They convert sounds into electric signals which will be processed on the computer during the editing, mixing, and mastering stage.  To achieve the best quality, you need to find the most competent microphone among others. In shopping for microphones, consider these 9 things to choose the best mic for you:

Microphone Type

Microphones are categorized into two – dynamic mics and condenser mics. Dynamic mics are more rugged than condenser mics that’s why they tend to perform better during live performances. On the other hand, condenser mics are more sensitive to sound which makes it perfect for studio recording.

mic3 - 9 Things to Consider in Buying Studio Microphones

Frequency Response

This refers to the response of microphones to the ranges of frequencies – from low to high. Condenser mics work better on high-frequency instruments, including cymbals, piano, and acoustic guitar. On the other hand, dynamic mics are perfect for recording drums and electric guitar cabs.

Diaphragm Size and Weight

Condenser mics are much smaller than dynamic mics. They also have a lighter diaphragm to capture sound. Since dynamic mics have heavier diaphragms, they are less responsive to high frequencies.

Internal Circuitry

On the other hand, the heavier diaphragm of dynamic mics makes it more passive in which it can generate an adequate voltage through movement, not needing for external power source. In contrary, condenser mics require phantom power. With this, condenser mics can record softer sounds and can achieve higher gains.

mic1 - 9 Things to Consider in Buying Studio Microphones

Diaphragm Durability

Condenser mics have lighter diaphragms which are very fragile and may be damaged at higher sound pressure levels. The heavy diaphragm of dynamic mics makes it perfect in recording louder instruments like drums.

General Durability

Apart from the heavier and stronger diaphragm of the dynamic mics, they also have a much stronger overall design. If you drop a dynamic mic on the ground, it will still function, whereas condenser mics may barely survive. With this, dynamic mics are great for mobile, on-stage performances.

Resistance to Moisture

Dynamic microphones are highly-resistant to environmental changes including temperature and humidity. On the other hand, condenser mics may not function or may have poor performance under extreme changes of humidity.

mic2 - 9 Things to Consider in Buying Studio Microphones

Gain before Feedback

Dynamic mics are widely used in on-stage performances because they allow higher gain before feedback. Basically, feedback is a common problem in live environments. Unlike condenser mics, dynamic mics have focus in recording the closest sound. Condenser mics are very sensitive producing erring feedback.


Basically, dynamic microphones are much more affordable than condenser microphones. They are also more varied in brands and kinds, plus, they can easily be purchased through online and physical stores. Condenser microphones can cost as much as $10 grand each. However, you can find more affordable choices.

Remember, you need to try the microphones first before purchasing them. It is important that you are aware of its sound quality, durability, specs, and features. Also, do not hesitate to ask the sales representative about the pros and cons of buying certain types of microphones.


Blog1 570x380 - 9 Basic Recording Equipment for Your Music Studio

9 Basic Recording Equipment for Your Music Studio

Music is therapeutic. It’s not just soothing to the ears, but it is also soul-mending. With the advent of technology, music can be everywhere. The Internet makes it more accessible for fans to hear the music of their favorite artists. Moreover, producing music is so much easier now. This is the reason why anyone can just put up their own music…even you! You can simply record yourself singing through your smartphone and upload it to YouTube.

On the other hand, if you want to produce a quality music, these are the nine basic recording equipment that you need for your own music studio:

r1 - 9 Basic Recording Equipment for Your Music Studio


The computer is very important. It is where your music is being processed – mixing, mastering, and editing. You can make use of your personal home desktop. But if you have the budget, invest in more advanced computers that can support music production software.

Digital Audio Workstation

There are hundreds of digital audio workstation (DAW) software available for you. The DAW is your primary software to record, edit, and mix music on the computer. They are either free or paid. To know more about the best DAW software, check out this article.

Audio Interface

The audio interfaces provide the necessary connections to send your music in and out of the computer. Audio interfaces should be compatible with your DAW software. It should also have the necessary interface connectors – USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, and PCI-E.

r2 - 9 Basic Recording Equipment for Your Music Studio


Of course, you need a microphone. They are vital in the recording process. There are different types and sub-categories of microphones. You need to choose the one that is perfect for recording vocals and instrumentals. Most used mics for recording are condenser and dynamic microphones.


Headphones are used in reviewing or hearing your vocals. The best headphone should be sensitive to every detail of the sound. Studio headphones use two specific types of headphones – the closed back headphones used for track recording and open back headphones for mixing and mastering.

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Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are loudspeakers used in reviewing sounds. Unlike consumer speakers, studio monitors do not accentuate certain frequency bands. Instead, it provides perfectly flat frequency response to hear every detail of the vocals and instrumentals.


Basically, cables are used to connect essential equipment in your music studio. Basically, you only need three. The first cable connects your microphone to the audio interface. The two others are sued to connect the interface to the studio monitors.

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Microphone Stands

Apparently, these stands are used to support the microphones during the recording process. Microphone stands come in different heights. If you are just starting, one to two microphone stands will do for the vocals and instrumentals.

Pop Filter

Pop filters are very important in music recording. They cancel unnecessary noises and filters your voice so that the recording will be clean. Typically, they remove the air or the “popping” that comes from your mouth when you pronounce certain sounds like “p” and “b”.

That’s it! You can start putting up your own music studio.