Music is therapeutic. It’s not just soothing to the ears, but it is also soul-mending. With the advent of technology, music can be everywhere. The Internet makes it more accessible for fans to hear the music of their favorite artists. Moreover, producing music is so much easier now. This is the reason why anyone can just put up their own music…even you! You can simply record yourself singing through your smartphone and upload it to YouTube.

On the other hand, if you want to produce a quality music, these are the nine basic recording equipment that you need for your own music studio:

r1 - 9 Basic Recording Equipment for Your Music Studio


The computer is very important. It is where your music is being processed – mixing, mastering, and editing. You can make use of your personal home desktop. But if you have the budget, invest in more advanced computers that can support music production software.

Digital Audio Workstation

There are hundreds of digital audio workstation (DAW) software available for you. The DAW is your primary software to record, edit, and mix music on the computer. They are either free or paid. To know more about the best DAW software, check out this article.

Audio Interface

The audio interfaces provide the necessary connections to send your music in and out of the computer. Audio interfaces should be compatible with your DAW software. It should also have the necessary interface connectors – USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, and PCI-E.

r2 - 9 Basic Recording Equipment for Your Music Studio


Of course, you need a microphone. They are vital in the recording process. There are different types and sub-categories of microphones. You need to choose the one that is perfect for recording vocals and instrumentals. Most used mics for recording are condenser and dynamic microphones.


Headphones are used in reviewing or hearing your vocals. The best headphone should be sensitive to every detail of the sound. Studio headphones use two specific types of headphones – the closed back headphones used for track recording and open back headphones for mixing and mastering.

r3 - 9 Basic Recording Equipment for Your Music Studio

Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are loudspeakers used in reviewing sounds. Unlike consumer speakers, studio monitors do not accentuate certain frequency bands. Instead, it provides perfectly flat frequency response to hear every detail of the vocals and instrumentals.


Basically, cables are used to connect essential equipment in your music studio. Basically, you only need three. The first cable connects your microphone to the audio interface. The two others are sued to connect the interface to the studio monitors.

r4 - 9 Basic Recording Equipment for Your Music Studio

Microphone Stands

Apparently, these stands are used to support the microphones during the recording process. Microphone stands come in different heights. If you are just starting, one to two microphone stands will do for the vocals and instrumentals.

Pop Filter

Pop filters are very important in music recording. They cancel unnecessary noises and filters your voice so that the recording will be clean. Typically, they remove the air or the “popping” that comes from your mouth when you pronounce certain sounds like “p” and “b”.

That’s it! You can start putting up your own music studio.

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